In charged the music for Japanese TV drama "Kasouken no Onna" (The woman of science criminal investigation laboratory)
The drama broadcast every Tuesday at 9pm

The first episode starts to broadcast at October 18th, 8pm
Official web site: (Japanese Only)

The Original Soundtrack release by CD and Streaming release on June 1st 2022

(PCCR.00719 ¥2,750)

The OST release information (Japanese Only)
"World Trigger" OST2 will release on April 27th 2022

(COCX-41714 ¥3,300)

Please get the information (Japanese Only) :
In charge of the music for a Japanese TV drama
"Moto Kare no Yuigon Jyo" (The testament of ex-Boyfriend)

The drama will broadcast to start on April 11 2022
Broadcast at 9:00 on the night of every Monday

Official web site: (Japanese Only)
In charged of the music for a Japanese live action movie "VLAD FRIENDS"

Official web site: (Japanese Only)