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Jul. 7 2024 Music streaming for the soundtrack of "Birth of Kitaro: The Mystery of GeGeGe" soundtrack is now available
Jul. 3 2024 Additional Cinema Concert "Birth of Kitaro: The Mystery of GeGeGe" will be held
Jun. 12 2024 Soundtrack release "NHK Special Unsolved Case Original Soundtrack"
Jun. 07 2024 Performing at the Cinema Concert of "Kitaro Tanjo-GeGeGe no Nazo" (The Birth of Kitaro: Mystery of GeGeGe)
In charged the music for Japanese TV drama "Kasouken no Onna Season 24" (The woman of science criminal investigation laboratory)
May 15 2024 In charge of the music for the reading play "Staging!! vol.1 The Man Who Claims to Have Repeated April 11 a Thousand and Two Hundred Times"
Apr. 25 2024 CODE GEASS-Roze of the Recapture will be released on May 10 2024
Apr. 09 2024 Make an appearance on the event "DEEP DIVE in sync with GHOST IN THE SHELL / GHOST IN THE SHELL" talk show
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