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Jul. 13 2021 Will be broadcast NHK Special Tamori x Shinya Yamanaka "Human Body – Overman’s Body"
Jun. 30 2021 Write the music for the BBCs coverage of the Tokyo Olympics 2020
Japanese TV animation "Higurashi no Nakukoroni-Sotsu" will start to broadcast on July 1st, 2021
Jun. 22 2021 Japanese animation "VLAD LOVE" start to broadcast in July
Jun. 9 2021 Japanese live action movie "Kasouken no Onna-the movie-" will release on September 3rd 2021
May 8 2021 Charge of the music for Smartphone game "Knights of Sidonia Shoui no Kizuna"
Mar. 25 2021 Guest appearance in A four "Showa Kayokyoku Singing Corps" at Minami Aoyama MANDALA from 15:00 on Sunday April 25, 2021
Charge of the music for "GOOD VALUE_B" at Tokyo Dubai 2020 LEGACY GOOD VALUE GO TOKYO ONLINE
Feb. 27 2021 Japanese animation "VLAD LOVE" Episodes 1 to 6 are being distributed on distribution platforms
Feb. 11 2021 In charge of music for streaming theater "Earth & Human" by 1 → 10 Starring and Directing by Ebizo Ichikawa
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