The Original Soundtrack release by Streaming service

"WORLD TRIGGER-The Music Exp" - Digest released on Toei Animation YouTube Channel

Original Soundtrack will release Knights of Sidonia Shoui no Kizuna on December 15th 2021

(From disk union)

In charged of the music for a Japanese OVA "Hakuoki"

Official web site: (Japanese Only)
Scheduled appearance Music event "World Trigger THE MUSIC EXPO"

Date: Sunday October 17th 2021 / Tokyo Garde Theater
1, Door Open: 12:00pm/ Start: 1:00pm
2, Door Open: 5:00pm/ Start: 6:00pm

Performers: Kenji Kawai/ World Trigger Symphonic Band and more…
Organizer: World Triger THE MUSIC EXPO
Ticket: Started to sale on Wednesday August 18th 2021, 8:00pm

Official web site: (Japanese Only)
TV drama series "Kasouken no Onna-Season 21" will start to broadcast on October 14, 2021
(The woman of Science Criminal Investigation Laboratory)

In charge of the music for a Japanese TV animation series of the 3rd season on the TV Asahi group, will broadcast in October, 2021

In charge of music for Hong Kong live action movie Limbo

In charged of the music for Smart phone (Android / iOS) game "Ego Effect : Fractus"

Official web site: (Japanese Only)
Official Twitter:
OST will release "Kasouken no Onna – The movie version" on September 8th 2021

Price ¥3,080
Official Website: (Japanese Only)

"Kasouken no Onna-the movie-" will release on September 3rd 2021

Official website; (Japanese Only)
Appearing as a guest on the first part of the "World Trigger Channel YouTube Live"
Live stream schedule: Sunday August 15th start on 5:30pm

World Trigger channel:
Toei animation official YouTube channel:
Smart phone game “Knights of Sidonia Shoui no Kizuna” will release on August 12th, 2021
Official channel has been streaming on the YouTube

Will be broadcast NHK Special Tamori x Shinya Yamanaka "Human Body- Overman’s Body"
Scheduled to broadcast on Monday, July 19, 2021

VLAD LOVE: The animation will start to broadcast in July 2021

VLAD LOVE: Episodes 1 to 6 are being distributed on distribution platforms

Distribution schedule information;
Japanese TV animation "Higurashi no Nakukoroni-Sotsu" will start to broadcast on July 1, 2021

Write the music for the BBCs (British Broadcasting Corporation) coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Guest appearance in A four "Showa Kayokyoku Singing Corps" at Minami Aoyama MANDALA from 15:00 on Sunday April 25, 2021

Performers: Yuji Mitsuya, Mayumi Tanaka, Miina Tominaga, Taiki Matuno
Piano: Hisakazu Noguchi
Bass: Hiro Ogawa
*Performance information:

The soundtrack will enclosed in the Blu-ray & DVD second
Scheduled to be released on February 24, 2021

Release information; (Japanese Only)
In charge of music for streaming theater "Earth & Human" by 1 → 10
Starring and Directing by Ebizo Ichikawa

Streaming on Saturday Feb. 20th
Open 6:30pm / Start 7:00pm / Finish 8:00pm

Encore on air after live streaming - Tue. Feb.23rd 11:59pm

Streaming Fee: ¥2,000-

Information web site:
Chinese live action movie "Yin Yang Shi QING YA JI" start to release on Netflix on Feb.5th 2021

Soundtrack will release "Ghost in the shell superb music high resolution USB / SHM-CD" on Jan. 20th 2021

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In charge of the music for a Japanese TV animation series
The animation will start to broadcast on Jan.9th 2021

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