Charge of the music for "GOOD VALUE_B" at Tokyo Dubai 2020 LEGACY GOOD VALUE GO TOKYO ONLINE.

Special movie version "World Trigger 2nd. season" will on limited screening from Dec.25th 2020 – Jan.17th 2021

In charge of the music for Chinese movie "Yin Yang Shi QING YA JI"

The movie will release on Dec.25th 2020 in China
Directed by Jing M. Guo

The interview published on CINRA NET

Interview site;
TV drama series "Kasouken no Onna-Season 20" will start to broadcast on October 22, 2020
(The woman of Science Criminal Investigation Laboratory)

Official web site: (Japanese Only)
Japanese TV animation "Higurashi no Nakukoroni" will start to broadcast on October 1, 2020

Please get the broadcasting schedule at this web site. (Japanese only)
"No Guns Life" Blu-ray/DVD OST CD is enclosed in BOX3

Charge of the music for the drama "Remotely Killed"
Scheduled to broadcast at 10:30 pm, Sunday, July 26, 2020

Official website: (Japanese Only)
"No Guns Life" The second series will start to broadcast on July 7th 2020

Official web site: (Japanese Only)
Will be broadcast NHK Special Tamori x Shinya Yamanaka "Human Body and Virus" ~ Amazing immune network ~
Scheduled to broadcast from 19:30 on Sunday, July 4, 2020

NHK PR web site: (Japanese Only)
NHK Special web site: (Japanese Only)
Hong Kong live action movie "Ip Man 4 The Final" will release sequentially from on July 3rd 2020

Please get the exact theaters information from the following URL
Original Soundtrack 'THE BEST OF "IP MAN" ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK' released on May 6th 2020


Vap Official web site: (Japanese Only)
Appear as a guest on Web Radio of animate tims channel "Akiba Steal Works" on Jan. 24th 2020