Compose music for a live action movie "Masked Rider Heisei Generations Final BUILD & EX-AID with Legend Riders"
The movie will release on 9th December 2017

Music: Kenji Kawai, ats-, Takehito Shimizu & Toru Watanabe,(tearbridge production), Kotaro Nakagawa

Official HP: (Japanese Only)
"Samsara Naga 1&2 SOUNDTRACK" (Super family computer and Game boy Advance) released

(¥3,500 + Tax)

Official HP (Japanese Only)
Original Soundtrack music card released on 6th December 2017

Original Soundtrack information (Japanese Only) (avex SOUND WEB) (Toei Official Site)
Participate in 19th edition Japan Touch Expo in Lyon France
On Dec.2 and 3 2017

Official HP: (French Only)
Nominated "Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield" to the Best Original Film Score Prize at the 54th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (TIFF)

Prize Awards on 25 November 2017 (Chinese and English Only)
BORDER Shoku-zai (Penance)

Composed music for TV Asahi Special Drama "BORDER Shoku-zai (Penance)"
Official HP: (Japanese Only)
Compose music for TV historical drama "Kasouken no Onna-Season 17"
(The woman of Science Criminal Investigation Laboratory)
Broadcast at 8:00 on the night of every Thursday

Official HP: (Japanese Only)
Appear on Talk live at Asagaya Loft A
Monday 9, October 2017 Open 6pm / Start 7pm

Please get information from the following HP
Official HP: (Japanese Only)
BORDER Spin out drama Shoudo - Ken-shikann Mika Higa -
(BORDER Impulse - Coroner Mika Higa -)
Composed music for this drama

Compose music for NHK TV Special "Series Human Body" all 8 times
The first broadcast on Saturday 30, Sep. 2017 at 9pm

The program broadcasts to start on September 3 2017

Official HP: (Japanese Only)
Compose music for Japanese live action movie "RE:BORN"
The movie will release on 12th August 2017 at Shinjyuku Musashino-Kan (Late show)

Movie released of "The Chorus Plus IV" made at Suntory Hall Blue Rose is available on Youtube

To award "The Jecheon Asia Film Music Honorary Award 2017" at JIMFF (The 13th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival) in Republic of Korea

Appear in TOKYO FM Radio "A Music Sheet of Kaitai Shinsho"

Appearance for 2 consecutive weeks
Schedule 1: July 30, 2017 at 9:30pm - 9:55pm
Schedule 2: August 6, 2017 at 9:30pm - 9:55pm

Official HP: (Japanese Only)
Composed music for an English study application for kids

Official HP : MINTFLAG (Japanese Only)
Original Soundtrack release and Online distribute "Ultraman GEED"
pack with title song and 3BGM on July 21, 2017

iTunes Store Online distribute "Ultraman GEED Original Sound Track"

Original Soundtrack release Japanese live action movie
"Sekai wa Kyou kara Kimino mono (The world is yours from today)" on July 19, 2017

(MPCS-00020 ¥2,160)
Compose music for Chinese live action movie "Brotherhood of Blades: Infernal battlefield"

The movie will release on 19th July 2017 in China
Compose music for Japanese live action movie "Sekai wa Kyou kara Kimino mono (The world is yours from today)"

The movie will release on July 15, 2017 in Japan
Compose music for TV drama "Ultraman GEED"
The drama broadcasts on Saturday July 8th 2017 at 9am

Official HP: (Japanese Only)
Original soundtrack online started to release in July 2017

Compose music for Full CG long length movie "RESIDENT EVIL:VENDETTA"
The movie will release in 2017

Commissioned work for the Waseda Glee Club at the 66th Tokyo Big 6 University Chorus Federation Concert "Bereavement Morning"
The concert on Saturday 6th May 2017

Hong Kong movie release on April 22nd 2017

Official HP: (Japanese Only)
The ending music of the live action movie "Ghost in the Shell"
The movie is coming to theatres on April 7th, 2017

Official HP: (Japanese)
Appear on "The Brand-New Concert 2017 - The world of greatly expanding music in the fusion of electronic musical instruments and orchestras"

Date : March 29, 2017 (Wednesday) 18 pm Doors open at 19 o'clock curtain
Place : Bunkamura Orchard Hall
Admission : S: ¥5,800 A: ¥4,500 B: ¥3,300 (includes tax)
Of ticket purchase : Ticket Pia (P code322996), Bunkamura ticket counter (Bunkamura 1F), Yokyu Theatre Orb Tokyu ticket count Center (Shibuya Hikarie 2F)

Bunkamura HP :
Organaizer : Kakehashi Foundation: 03-6265-1821
Charged of short drama series "Sand Whale and Me" for American TV channel Toonami

"Kyoto, let's go." CM song full version is included in Ms. Minami Risa's album "Blend"

Participate in "Tokushima International Short Film Festival 2017"

Participate in eAT 2017 in KANAZAWA

Schedule: January 27 (Fri) , 28 (Sat) 2017
Place: Kanazawa Art Hall
Official HP: (Japanese only)
Original Soundtrack release
"Touken Ranbu-Hanamaru" will release on Jan.18th 2017