"Ultraman Nexus" original soundtrack vol.1
Released on 25th November 2004

A CD released with a bonus DVD.
A bonus DVD recorded some recording scenes and interviews of a director and Kawai.

(COZX-89/90 3,150yen)


Otogi Zoshi music collection 2
will be released on 25th Nov.2004

(VPCG-84813 3,000yen)

Otogi Zoshi (c) IG/VAP/NTV
"Kan sen" "Yogen" Original soundtrack
Release on 6th Oct.2004

(DDCZ-1087 2,500yen)


Kawai composes music for TV series animation "Otogi Zoshi".
Broadcast from 5th Oct.2004.

Every Tuseday midnight (NTV group)

Original : Production I.G / NTV
Director : Mizuho Nishikubo
Story Edit : Yoshiki Sakurai
Original Character Concept : Shou Tajima
Character Design / Animation Director : Kazuchika Kise
Sound Director : Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
TV series live action drama "Ultraman Nexus"
Released on 2nd October 2004

Every Saturday 7:30-8:00am (TBS group)
J-HORROR THEATER "YOGEN" (Japanese live action movie)
It will release on 2nd October 2004

TV series animation "FUJIN MONOGATARI" - "WINDY TALES"
Released on 11th September 2004

"FUJIN MONOGATARI" - "WINDY TALES" got the grand prize at the first animation planning competition.
It will release on Sky perfect TV at "Perfect choice".

Director : Jyunji Nishimura
Supervisor : Mamoru Oshii
Music : Kenji Kawai
"Gunparade March" -Spirit of SAMURAI- Original soundtrack
release on 11th May 2004 in USA

Price; $14.98

You can get CD and more information.
TV Drama "Shin Kasouken no onna"
15th April 2004

It will start to release at TV Asahi group 8pm in 15th April 2004.
The first time will be 2hour special version.

Yasuko Sawaguchi
Atsushi Naito
Ken Mizorogi
DVD "Scenes of INNOCENCE Animated Clips (Temporary title)"
release on 19th March 2004

35 minutes
Dolby digital 5.1ch

(VWDS9001 2,940yen)


release on 6th March 2004

The originalShirou Masamune ("Ghost in the shell" Kodansha Published)
Director & ScriptMamoru Oshii
DirectionNishikubo Toshiyuki, Naoko Kusumi
Character designHiroyuki Okiura
Digital effect super advisorHiroyuki Hayashi
Line producerRyuji Mitsumoto, Masatoshi Nishizawa
Sound directorKazuhiro Wakabayashi
MusicKenji Kawai
ProducerMitsuhisa Ishikawa, Toshio Suzuki
ProduceProduction I.G
Production cooperationSTUDIO GHIBLI
The original soundtrack of "INNOCENCE"
release on 3rd March 2004

The lyric of "INNOCENCE" (Ghost in the Shell2) were translated into English.

Please understand that it became translation with the nearest nuance in modern English because it can't translate literally because the words of "INNOCENCE" use old Japanese.

02.The Ballade of Puppets : Flowers Grieve and Fall
07.The Ballade of Puppets : In a New World, Gods will Descend
10.The Ballade of Puppets : The Ghost Awaits in the World Beyond

Nue : An imaginary burd in ancient Japanese myth. Said to have the head of a monkey, the tail of a snake and legs of a tiger.

Translated by Yoshiki Sakurai(Production I.G)

All right reserved.
This lyric registered in JASRAC.
If you will reproduce, duplicate, copy or process of the lyric, this things will be infringe a copyright.

When you would like to use the lyric please access to the following address.

(VICL-61294 3,045yen)


DVD "Twilight Q" release

Enclosed the original soundtrack CD with the liner notes it written by Kenji Kawai in this DVD.
You can listen the new music for the menu screen!
Start to sale "INNOCENCE" music box (Du Orgel)

It supervised by Kenji Kawai.

Music menu: River of Crystals (insertion song)
Price : 20,000yen (tax included)

You can download "THE DOLL HOUSE" from a melody site "Orgel honpo" of a cellular phone.



Join the Talk Event in Tokyo

UNDERSELL presents "bootleg!" VOL.01
"Mamoru Oshii unofficial night - INNOCENCE it's a ....."

Event schedule : 6:30pm - 10:30pm on 22nd Feb. 2004
Event place : Loft Plus One at Shinjuku in Tokyo

M.C. : Gichi Otsuka (UNDERSELL ltd.)
Guests : Kenji Kawai, Kenji Kamiyama, Tetsuya Nishio, Dai Sato and Yoshikatsu Fujiki
Presentations : DVD special privilege " Remember Daros 1983-2003" (39minutes), "Ghost in the shell S.A.C 2nd GIG" the first story (25mimutes)
Charge : 1,000yen
Sponsor : UNCERSELL ltd.

The newest information to UNDERSELL official site.
Question to Loft Plus One : Phone 03-3205-6848
Join the "INNOCENCE" Talk Event
at the Roppongi Hills Mori tower in Tokyo

"INNOCENCE" release anniversary event - Valentine eve event -

Event schedule : 12am - 5am on 13th Feb. 2004
Event place : Roppongi Hills Mori Tower at Tokyo in Japan
Movie "Bakko-Yokaiden KIBAKICHI" release

Schedule & Theater
From 7th Feb. until 27th Feb. 2004 at Shibuya Cine Palece in Tokyo
From 3rd April 2004 at Nagoya Cinema Skhole (Night show)
From 17th April 2004 at Osaka Hokutenza (Roadshow)

Cast : Ryuji Harada, Nozomi Ando, Kentaro Shimizu and Miki Tanaka
Director : Tomoo Haraguchi (The first part) and Daiji Hattori (The scond part)
The original soundtrack of "Bakko-yokaiden KIBAKICHI"
release on 25th Jan. 2004