Movie "Shurayuki Hime"
Released on 15th December 2001

Live action movie
Directed by Mr.Shinsuke Satou
Starring Ms.Yumiko Shaku
Sansara Naga 1x2

 The roll playing game for "GAME BOY ADVANCE".
 It will sale on 14th December 2001.
Shurayuki Hime Original soundtrack CD
7th December 2001 - IVCD-0101

 Jyokyoku  High Low

Kasouken no Onna

 Started on 1st December 2001 Tuesday 8:00PM at TV Asahi channel
 Starring Ms.Yasuko Sawaguchi
i wish you were here
21th November 2001 - Nippon Columbia CODC-2010

 From TV series animation "i wish you were here"
i wish you were here

 Started in November 2001 at CS TV channel(satellite TV service) and Cable TV channel
KAZE HIKARU (The meanings is a Lighting Wind)
24th October 2001 - Warner Music WPC-10174

 Japnese singer Ms.Miu Sakomoto's vocal single CD.
 Lyriced by Miu Sakamoto, Composed by Kenji Kawai

 Started on 13th October 2001 Saturday 5:30PM at TBS channel

 Started on 6th October 2001 Saturday 7:30AM at TV Tokyo channel
Mahou Senshi LOUIE Original Soundtrack II
22th August 2001 - EYE:NETWORK EWCD-85008

 The original soundtrack from TV Series animation "Mohou Senshi LOUIE-LOUIE the RUNE SOLDIER"

 25.Fuhoni Dakedo  High Low
Mahou Senshi LOUIE Original Soundtrack I
23th May 2001 - EYE:NETWORK EWCD-85007

 04.Yusya ga Iku  High Low

Mutekiou Trizenon Perfect Sounsd Deta-Gekitou-hen
23th May 2001 - King Record KICA-542

 The original soundtrack from the TV Series animation "Mutekiou Trizenon"
(The meanings is an Unequalled King Trizenon)

 33.Ore ha Matteruze!  High Low


 Started on 3rd April 2001, finished on Tuesday 6:30PM at pay view channel WOWOW

 Released on 20th January 2001
 Director Mamoru Oshii's live action movie
 It's showed at 2001 Cannes International Film Festival for the special invitational movie.
AVALON Original Soundtrack
19th January 2001 - Media Factory ZMCZ-1171

 The original soundtrack of the new Mamoru Oshii's live action movie "AVALON"

 14.Log in  High Low

Lyrics (PDF)

02.Log off
03 Voyage to AVALON
12.Voyage to AVALON (Orchestra ver.)
14.Log in

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