Recording scenery of "INNOCENCE"

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During synthesizer dubbing at AUBE STUDIO.
*Front ; Mr.Kazuhiro Wakabayashi (Sound Director)
*Back ; Kenji Kawai
*Right ; Mr.Mamoru Oshii (Director)
The music box " ORPHEUS"of Sankyo Shoji which has 80 valves.
Member of Uchida Strings group.
Japanese traditional bell "Suzu".
It used in "Kugutsu uta" and "Follow Me".
Member of "River of Crystals" and "Follow Me"
*From the left ; Mr.Yuki Sugawara (Percussion)
Kenji Kawai (Keyboard, Percussion)
Mr. Toru Kase (Bass)
Mr. Fumito Hirata (Piano)
Mr. Shiro Ito (Drum)

Trumpet ; Mr. Shin Kazuhara (River of Crystals)
The main member of "Minyo chorus".
From the left ; Ms. Yoshiko Ito, Taeko Shimizu, Kazumi Nishida

The recording scenery of 75 "Minyo" shiners at Bunkyo civic hall.
The vocalist, Ms.Kimiko Ito who sung "River of Crystals" and "Follow Me"
Japanese traditional drummer, Mr. Hiroshi Motofuji who played in "Kugutsu uta kagerohi ha yomi ni matamuto"

Mr. Shiro Ito , Yuki Sugawara and Kawai.
They played a few type of Japanese traditional drums. (Ojimedaiko, Nagadodaiko)

"OYA STONE MUSIUM" We recorded a playback sound of the music box at here.
I was inside of a relay mobile of the "SCI"
Kawaguchiko recording studio where we mixed down for 5.1ch.
We played a table tennis in a break time at Kawaguchiko recording studio.
Mr.Kyohei Fukushiro who is a recording & mixing engineer.
We dived into a snow after the storm.
(From the left)
Mr.Takeshi 'CHAGE' Ohashi (recording engineer), Kenji Kawai
Mr.Kyohei Fukushiro, Mr.Shun Hatano(recording engineer)