i wish you were here

It is the recording scenery of "i" done at "Hitokuchizaka Studio" in September, 2001.

A member was recorded with five people.
We could record only once expect for the dubbing.
We played "SANTANA" together during the microphone test.
We were same generation and we have listened similar music.
I was very happy and remember that I played in the band before...
Of course it didn't record...

(It expands when it clicks on the picture)
60.8KB 1. Mr.Shiro ITO is a drummer.
He also played the drums for the OVA "PATLABOR".
59.4KB 2. Mr.Fumiki IKEMA is a bassist.
We play together for long time.
He played the bass for "Red Spectacles".
59.8KB 3. We were having a meeting for the phrase for the drums.
59.5KB 4. During a playbackcbecause we were already having a session about 10 hours so, a little bit tired.
57.2KB 5. Mr.Fumito HIRATA is a keyboard player.
We also play together for long time.
He played the keyboard for "Red Spectacles" and "PATLABOR" for the theater.
58.8KB 6. Mr.HIRATA is playing the HAMMOND.
He felt happy to playing the HAMMOND B-3 with LESLIE.
60.5KB 7. I had peeled when I played it.
I usually use 0.09 of ERNIE BALL but I used 0.1 of GHS.
60.4KB 8. Ouch! My fingers so hurt!
Can you see two Marshall 2000 series at my back?
59.9KB 9. Mr.SUGAWARA is a percussion player.
He has an experience of a session with "SANTANA".
I never miss him for my work since "PATLABOR 2" and "Ghost in the shell".